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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Clean up that mess!

I thought I should blog because I haven't said much lately. So this may be boring to a few (or all) of you! But hey some people probably think my life is boring...

So Monday I met up with a new mommy friend, Danielle, and her daughter Hayley. David warmed up to her so well. I've never seen him do that. He was so good with her, it made me proud. Her daughter is so adorable. I hope they will be good friends.

Oh the whole way there he discovered the word for "ditch", although he didn't quite pronounce it that way. Use your imagination. I've also discovered that he thinks all the crops & gardening along Hwy 36 is "nasty" and they "made mess" and they need to "clean up". Are these the words I'm teaching my son? Maybe I need to get a grip.

Later, when Bryan was giving David a bath, he started singing "Happy Birthday" in the bathtub. David, not Bryan...hahaha. "Happy Birthday" is David's new favorite song to sing. Although when I need him to calm down I sing "Jesus Loves Me".

Tuesday, after school David was throwing things in the living room - something he knows he shouldn't do. I managed to get "David" out of my mouth and he said "stop it right now" and "go timeout". I had to turn my head and laugh at that one.My boy is getting so smart. Every day I am surprised by something new he has done.

Some days I feel like a great mom. Other days I feel like I could do better. He is my blessing from heaven, and I know his dad and I have an enormous responsibility in raising him. I feel priviledged to have been chosen to be his mommy!

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