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Friday, April 23, 2010

Flashback Friday #7

This is a somewhat serious topic, but that is okay.  I'm in a somewhat serious mood today.

Here is the prompt for today's FF:
How old were you (approximately) when you attended your first funeral?  Did your parents shield you from death and grief or was it viewed as a natural part of life? Did you experience any significant loss(es) in your growing up years? What were your early impressions of death and dying? And while I do not intend this in any irreverent way, are there any amusing memories associated with a death or funeral? If you have kids, how have you handled this subject with them? Feel free to share as vulnerably or as shallowly as you want!  

I lost my brother when I was five.  Even though I don't have many memories from when I was younger, I remember everything about this one.  I remember visiting my brother in the hospital and seeing the tubes in his throat.  I remember I was confused, because we made him cookies and I didn't know why he couldn't eat them.  I remember mom getting a call that she needed to get to the hospital RIGHT NOW.  And I remember I was upset because during that visit my sister and I weren't allowed into his room.  Little did I know at that time, he had already passed away.  My parents did let us go to the funeral.  I remembered my brother as this wonderful, fun guy with long hair.  (He was about 17 years older than me.)  When I saw him in the coffin, all his hair was cut off and he had a mustache.  That shocked me beyond belief and I started screaming and crying.  They got me out of there fast.  I would say that was a pretty significant loss. 

I became very familiar with death during my growing up years.  Along with my brother, I lost my grandmother, my uncle, one of my nephews, a couple of my friends.  That was all before I turned eighteen.  I lost an old friend when I was around 24.  That was one of those experiences when I can pinpoint a significant change in myself.  Unfortunately, there was some unresolved conflict with us that laid guilt on my shoulders for a long time and almost destroyed my marriage.  My most significant loss to date has been my mother.  Nothing has ever struck me as hard as losing my mom.  There will never be anyone to replace her, and sometimes I still pick up the phone to call her and then I realize that she won't be on the other end of that line.

My early impressions of death and dying were those of nervousness and trepidation.  For awhile, I would say to myself "I wonder who will die this year".  Because it seemed like I was losing someone every year.

Boy that's depressing, huh?  Well this gave me a chance to open up to some of you.  I hope I didn't turn anyone away!  If you have anything to share, please click the link at the top to join in!

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Random Dozen and Vitamin D

Howdy y'all!  Before I start this random dozen, I thought I would update you on my test results since I asked for prayer and didn't update!  Sorry!  Did you know that Vitamin D deficiency can manifest itself as depression?  Me neither!  Not saying that I don't have depression, but it sure does account for everything else I've been going through.  Seriously!  Google Vitamin D Deficiency and see what pops up.  It should show a picture of me.  Anyway, that is what came back on the blood work, along with B-12 deficiency.  My level is a 9 on vitamin D.  Normal is over 40, preferably between 50-60.  So I have to take supplements, as well as spent more time in the sun.  BUT, thank you all for your prayers.  This is truly a blessed diagnosis.  My hubby was actually talking to a coworker of his about my health problems, and she suggested I get tested for my vitamin D because SHE had the same problems.  Talk about divine intervention!  Apparently this is not something doctors regularly test, so I had to request it. 

People, I have been dealing with this for over 10 years and have been told that all my blood work is normal, time after time after time.  So to finally hear that something came back is the biggest blessing I could ever ask for.  I'm not crazy!

Anyway, without further ado, here is my Random Dozen.

1. Ever had any run-ins with the "library police?"
Well I turned myself in and paid the fines.  Does that count?

2. Do you have a special organizational plan and place for wrapping paper, gift bags, etc., or do you just purchase whatever you need as you give gifts?
Well I WANT to have an organizational plan in place.  So we usually end up buying the wrapping paper or bags along with the gift.  Sometimes I've been guilty of wrapping a gift in the car on the way to the party.  Gasp!  I know!

3. Have you ever been in (first-hand witness) a natural disaster?
Do hurricanes count?  Then, yes...several.  Not a pleasant thing to go through.

4. What's your favorite Barry Manilow song?
Um..."Even Now" is a good one.  I love Manilow.

5. What's the best costume you've ever worn?
I dressed up as a rocker in the 80s.
6. Which do you use more often, the dictionary or the thesaurus?
I use  Although I love the thesaurus, too.

7. What's your favorite breakfast food?
Bacon or sausage

8. Have you ever purchased anything from an infomercial?
We bought our house after we viewed an infomercial.  We don't normally watch infomercials, so when we did, we decided to go big.

9. Have you ever crawled through a window?
Oh yeah.  Many times when I was a teenager.  Makes me scared to be a mom of a teenager when my son grows up.

10. Do you believe in love at first sight?
Hmmm.  That is a good question.  I believe in puppy love at first sight.  But true love is something that requires commitment and hard work.

11. How man pairs of jeans do you own?
That fit?  Four.  That don't fit...about twenty.  Sad, I know.  I don't know why I think my hips will ever go back down to the pre-baby size.

12. If someone were going to bake a cake to honor/represent you, what would it be? (Think creatively, like Duff and Crew on "Ace of Cakes.")
Ooh.  It would be cool to see a cake of a lady with like six arms growing out of her back.  That would be how I feel.  Sometimes I wish I had some extra arms to keep up with everything.  I know...very weird.

Okay.  Head on over to 2nd Cup of Coffee to play along!

Friday, April 16, 2010

Flashback Friday #6

Flashback Friday Prompt #6

If you have a child in your life, your calendar for April and May is probably quickly filling up with end-of-year activities - performances, recitals, etc. Did you take lessons as a child? Piano or another instrument? Gymnastics or dance? Other types of lessons? Were they weekly? How much were you required to practice between lessons? Did you participate in recitals? If so, do any of them stand out in your memory? Did they foster a love or a hate for that activity? Did you want to take lessons in a certain thing that you never got to? And if you have kids now, how did your experiences with taking lessons like these impact the activities you had/have them do?
I wanted to do so many things when I was a child.  I wanted to take piano lessons, gymnastics, ice skating.  I also wanted to play soccer when I was a child.  Alas, we didn't have much money growing up, so I was unable to do those things.  I did play the Cornet in junior high though.  I loved it, and I was good at it.  I started out my 6th grade year in beginner band.  Then instead of going to concert band in the 7th grade, I got promoted directly to symphonic band.  My favorite concert was when we were going to play Wind Beneath My Wings.  I knew that was one of my mom's favorite songs and I couldn't wait for her to hear it.

I really wished I would have stayed in band past junior high.  But I was convinced that was not the cool thing to do, so I let my emotions get in the way.  My husband played the tuba all through college, and seeing now all the cool places he got to go makes me wish I had stuck with it.  Let that be a lesson to all of you young people out there!

As far as how it affects my son, I will do whatever I can to make sure he can participate in whatever activity he wants.  If I have to go without something, I will make sure that money is not the issue in deciding whether or not he can participate.

So, what's your story?  Go on over to Mocha With Linda to link up and share!

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Random Dozen: April

1. Define a great relationship.
Honesty.  Effort.  Someone who chooses to make the effort to be in your life and vice versa.

2. Why is it called a "drive-through" if you have to stop? (Real question: What was the last food/drink you purchased at a drive-through?)
I think the last place I went through was good ol' Mickey D's.

3. As I type this, the Butler Bulldogs are getting ready to play in the NCAA championship game. Every Hoosier is hysterical about this except me. So in honor of the Bulldogs ... what is your favorite breed of dog? (I tried.)
My favorite breed is the chocolate lab.  So beautiful.  I have a terrier that was supposed to be a lab.  Who knows?  But he has been the best dog I've ever owned.

4. If you had to move to a state besides the one you currently live in, where would you move?

5. If you could change anything about the way you were raised, what would it be?
I wouldn't change anything.  My parents were very loving.  The way I was raised made me who I am today.

6. Who's the funniest person you know?
My husband.  He always makes me laugh with his wit and spontaneous humor.

7. Did you get enough sleep last night?
No.  :(

8. What's the first thing you thought about this morning?
Is David awake yet?

9. Grilled or Fried? --HONESTLY
I'm from Texas.  Hello!  Fried.

10. Are you afraid of the dark?
Not usually, unless I watch a scary movie.  Then I have to make sure hubby comes to bed at the same time as me.

11.When you were a kid, what did you want to be when you grew up?
A teacher.

12. If you had one word to describe yourself , what would you choose?

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