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Friday, September 12, 2008

20 Things I Love About My Baby

9/11/08 - 20 months

  1. I love how you spin around and around and make yourself fall down and you laugh so hard.
  2. I love how you start talking and you have entire conversations, even though I don’t always know what you are saying.
  3. I love how you lay down next to Midnight and cuddle with him when he is on the floor next to you.
  4. I love how you like to help me around the house. You help Mommy so much with the laundry and dishes, and you are a little pro at cleaning up your room!
  5. I love how you say “Hey” to people all around you and how you say it when you like something Mommy has said.
  6. I love how you like to sit on the bathroom counter and brush your teeth while I brush mine.
  7. I love how you like to pray before our meals. Sometimes you hold out your hands over and over and insist that we “paay”.
  8. I love how you point out trucks, flags, towers, cranes, trains and planes when we are driving!
  9. I love your one dimple!
  10. I love when we go out in your wagon. I love pulling you around and watching you point out the birds, clouds and trees.
  11. I love how you go get my shoes, put them on, and then go get your shoes when you want to go outside and play.
  12. I love how you go to the CD player and start pushing the on/off button when you want to listen to your music.
  13. I love when you like a song and start singing and swaying to the music.
  14. I love cuddling on the couch with you in the morning while I enjoy my coffee and you enjoy your milk.
  15. I love how you will bring a book to me when you want to read.
  16. I love how you help me water the plants! You are so good at pointing out which ones I’ve missed.
  17. I love how you push your rocket and wagon around the house and roll up the rugs so you can have hills to roll over.
  18. I love when you crawl up into the chair in Mommy’s & Daddy’s bedroom and are so proud to sit there like a big boy.
  19. I love hearing you talk and play in the morning before Daddy comes to get you out of bed.
  20. I love how when you find something on the floor that doesn’t belong, you immediately pick it up and bring it to me.
  21. I love your sweet nature, good sense of humor, eagerness to laugh and most of all your kisses and hugs!

Okay that's 21 but I thought of an extra one!

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