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Tuesday, October 21, 2008

My Real Life Court TV...or maybe COPS

So I'm calmly perusing Facebook tonight, listening to Bryan & David play with his stereo...when all of a sudden I hear a bang. I immediately recognized that it was our fence gate being slammed. I paused for a minute thinking "Is someone in our back yard?" My question is quickly answered with "Stop MF!" How lovely... So I jump up and look out the window to see 2 police officers running through my back yard and one climbing over the fence into my back yard...apparently chasing someone.

Boy am I glad I wasn't having a party back there or something. What a nice surprise that would have been! least we know we are protected...

Maybe I'll see my house on COPS.

1 comment:

The Joiners said...

Ha ha this reminds me of when Brian and I called the police last fall when we heard glass breaking... only to find out a WEEK later that it was a picture frame that had fallen off the wall :)