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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Random Dozen Labor Day Week

Can you tell my creativity is at a zero?  If not, look at the title of this post.  Also, think of a great title of your own and join in with Linda at 2nd Cup of Coffee!

1. Describe the best sandwich in the world, according to you.  A muffaletta is pretty good, in my book.

2. Which inspires you more: a good conversation, a song, a book or movie? I love music, so a song will get me every time.  However, I could always use a good conversation.

3. What is your favorite board game?  Monopoly.  Although I haven't played it since my mom passed away.

4. As you grow older, are you more or less patient with small children?  Definitely more patient.

5. Name one item you never let yourself run out of.  Deodorant.  Need I say more?

6. Do you agree with Tennyson's assertion, "'Tis better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all?"  Absolutely.  I cannot imagine going through my life without love in it.

7. Name one national treasure or monument that you have visited.  Texas Battleship, San Jacinto Monument.  Also, if we have vacationed somewhere where there was a monument in a 50 mile radius we've been there.  My husband loves monuments and museums.

8. Which is more painful, to be disappointed in someone else or to be disappointed in yourself?  I'm constantly disappointed in myself.  I feel like lately I don't seem to do anything right.

9. What makes your kitchen uniquely yours?  Our kitchen is filled with an assortment of wedding gifts we received 11 years ago.

10. Are you a crafty person?  Absolutely not.  I have not one creative gene in me.

11. What is your favorite traditional picnic or bbq (cookout) food?  BBQ.  I like a BBQ that I can get my plate and still eat indoors.  I hate to eat outside.

12. Name one leisurely activity you enjoyed over Labor Day Weekend.  I didn't relax.  I ended up cleaning all day.  Although I did take a nap.  So I guess that would be it.


Joyce said...

There's a whole bunch of us who are not very crafty. Sometimes when I read blogs I start to feel like I'm the only one.

I'm sure you're doing something right! Sending you a hug today : )

2nd Cup of Coffee said...

Thanks for playing, Bonnie, and I echo what Joyce said, not many crafters out there. I've never heard of a muffaletta sandwich; I'll have to Google that!

Sara said...

INDOOR BBQ! Genius! maybe I'd like it more if there were no bugs!