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Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Random Dozen in Honor of the Irish!

1. Do you prefer even or odd numbers? Any particular reason?
Even numbers.  That's a good question.  I guess because the even numbers feel complete to me.  Hmmm. 

2. On a scale of 1-10, with 1 being "not at all" and 10 being Carly Simon-worthy, how vain are you?
Maybe a 4.  I've learned there are more important things in life.

3. Among these Irish stereotypes, with which do you identify most closely? Talkative, Proud, Inquisitive, Love to party, Hot-tempered
All of the above.  I'm Irish and proud of it. Just ask my husband.

4. How lucky do you consider yourself?
If you mean lucky as in blessed, I'm very.

5. What is the subject of your favorite post that you've written?
Anything about my son.  I guess it is way back when I was listing all the things I loved about him, adding one to each month of his life.

6. Describe March weather where you live in three words.
Cool, crisp, perfect Texas weather.  It's my favorite month.  Maybe the fact that my birthday falls in March helps, too.

7. How apt are you at detecting blarney when you hear it? (Smooth talk, flattery)
I used to be very naive.  The older I get, the better I am at detecting it.

8. How "green" are you, environmentally speaking?
Not as green as I should be.  Do you know it is expensive to be "green"?

9. What is your favorite song this week?
A hymn "At the Cross".  Because my son has been singing it and it sounds so sweet coming from his lips.

10. You are walking along and see a coin on the ground. What denomination does it have to be before you will stop to pick it up?
Ok I'm not superstitious, but I'll pick anything up as long as it is heads up.  Yeah, it's more like tradition.

11. Complete the sentence: "Every time I look outside my window ...."
I see a big backyard with a swing set, and sometimes there is a little boy in the swing.  :)

12. What was the #1 song on the day you were born? See this site to find out.
Rich Girl - Daryl Hall & John Oates (HAHAHAHAHAHA!)

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Mary said...

Hearing a child sing is just about the sweetest sound in the world! I'm not even going to tell you how old I was when "Rich Girl" came out...I'm also a March girl!

Lea said...

Enjoyed stopping by your blog today. This is my first time to participate in the Random Dozen and it has been a lot of fun. Blessings to you!

Nel said...

Enjoyed your answers. Rich Girl... I think that was when I was a teen. I am also a March girl! Must be a very good month!

until next time... nel

Sweet Tea said...

So March is your favorite month. I don't think I've ever heard anyone say that before. Guess March is under appreciated. Enjoy your month!